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Chart of the Month

Chart of the Month, is a Chart or Chart Set that will be available for the month for 20% Off, the coupon is listed below the Buy Now button. This code will expire on the Last Day of the Month.

LS Stands for Letter Size, I offer two page size options of the exact same chart. If you commonly print on 8.5" x 11" paper then the LS Chart is for you. The other paper size offered is A4 which is the European standard printer paper. Both Charts are exactly the same otherwise.

Charts formatted for Printing on Letter Size Paper


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Charts formatted for Printing on A4 Size Paper


Enter the Code MAY_2020 at Checkout for 20% OFF

Today I Should Stop Fighting

This 2 Chart set is Entitled "Today I Should Stop Fighting" it is a two Chart set and it was created to bring into your awareness those things you waste your time and energy fighting for. We often spend time defending ourselves, trying to prove to someone we are right, we fight for acceptance and love but is it really necessary?

Updated May 1, 2020


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As always remember its not just about what I can give to you all for free, but what we can do/create as a community. Please feel free to share your ideas with us on ways you use this chart or any items you think would be a beneficial addition to the charts. If you would like to see an Alphabet Chart available in your language's alphabet contact me and we will work together to make it happen. Note: Pay very close attention your questions. The answer you dowse is very dependent on the question you ask.

We at Mirrorwaters have specialized in creating fine Dowsing Charts for many years. Much thought, research and preparation go into the making of each chart. We thought it might be fun to offer a different chart each month. If there is a particular chart you would like to see offered here, feel free to leave us a note.


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