The Great Destroyer

Fear – The Great Destroyer

This month’s article discusses something that is prevalent in each of our lives, sometimes on a daily basis – Fear. It’s such a simple word, but its impact goes deeper than any other emotion, and is the cause of all negative emotions; that is, everything negative is based out of fear. Let’s take a look at a few examples. • Lack of self-confidence = Fear that we’re not good enough to face the challenges we may face during a given time frame or situation. • Anxiety = Fear that there will be a negative outcome to a situation that has not yet occurred. • Jealousy = Fear that we don’t measure up to those who whom we compare ourselves, whether it’s physical looks or possessions, such as shoes, cars, homes, wealth, etc. • Greed = Fear that we don’t have “enough”. • Self-loathing = Fear that we are not good enough, that no-one else will want us, therefore, we see ourselves as undesirable. • Anger = Internal fears and frustration that we’re not good enough, or that other people don’t see us as “good.” Critical of ourselves, with manifestation of negativity toward others.

You can pretty much see how this works. The reality is that any of the points listed above can escalate to worldwide levels or destruction, even war. For instance, let’s say you have a national leader whose deep “fear” is greed or jealousy. On a less massive level, like someone who is the head of a family, his fear may only escalate to the physical or verbal abuse of his own family members, but on a national level, his fears and need to “protect” himself and his country can lead to war. Additionally, ALL levels of fear are “self” centered.

Fear does not only affect people on personal or monetary levels, but it can leave them wide open to spiritual attacks. When someone is weakened by fear, they are not in control of their own emotions or minds. When a person is not in control of themselves, they are open to being controlled by anything else, including spiritual possession. An excellent example of this is in the movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose. In the story, the entity is deliberately using fear to manipulate Emily, to herd her to where it wants her to be, often alone. When a person is in the company of others, she will feel more secure and less fearful, and it becomes more difficult for an assaulting spirit or demon to directly influence her reality. The spirit seems to need that isolation to do its work. This may be a large reason why a negative entity will tend to work at night because, when we are asleep, we are not in control of our emotions. When we hear a loud noise or are jarred awake, we are not immediately able to process the intruding stimuli and our immediate response is fear, leaving us off balance, spiritually, and open to something else taking control. Granted, this is rare, but it can and does happen. Therefore, the motivation of a negative entity is to cause fear or strife to give itself an opening for possession.

Now that I have filled your thoughts with fear, which I really didn’t mean to do, I want to give you some suggestions on how to avoid succumbing to fear, so that you can walk with self confidence and prevent spiritual attacks. Everything I will suggest below is entirely within your ability to fix:

  • Fear is a low-vibrating emotion. It cannot exist where a person performs at a higher spiritual vibration. Allowing love to direct all your actions and thoughts is the absolute best way to avoid falling victim to emotions such as jealousy, greed, lust, etc. When you place other people’s well-being above your own, it is impossible to feel these negative, fearful emotions.
  • Take action to improve your self-confidence. Do you feel unsafe when you walk around outside for fear of being mugged or kidnapped? If so, your body language will announce this very fear, and you will attract predators to you. To stop this line of thinking, take a class our course which will improve your lack of being able to take care of yourself, like self-defense or martial arts.
  • Study! If you avoid going to school because you’re afraid of failing, open your books and study more. Sometimes, you will need to reorganize your priorities, but it can be done, and you can erase this fear completely.

    Think about it. If you feel jealous, angry, spiteful, vengeful, ask yourself if you are thinking of YOURSELF, or are you thinking about how other people are affected by your actions. I’m betting, you’re only thinking about your own self. Once you shift the focus to others, and their well-being, all of these negative emotions will fade. I guarantee it.

    Are you unsure about how much of what you feel is fear-based? Here is a simple way to find out.

    Included in today’s article is a simple percentage chart. To use it, you can simply ask yourself, “What percentage of my emotion ______________ is fear-based?” What is your answer? If it is anything more than 1%, try shifting your thoughts from why you are feeling that particular emotion, to focusing on what someone else might be feeling as a result of your manifestation of that emotion. For instance, when you feel frustrated and angry that you came home and there was a sink full of dirty dishes – and I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be angry; we are all in that boat at one time or another – ask what percentage of that anger is fear based. In my own case, I’m told 25% of my emotion is fear. Not bad, right? Maybe not, but when your kids or spouse come into blast range, do you think about how they might feel hearing angry words and feeling angry emotions coming from you? If you put yourself in their skin and allow yourself to feel what they would feel, the anger will either be greatly reduced or will evaporate all together.

    If you want to know what particular “fear” has generated the anger, it’s easy enough to find out by using an Alphabet Chart, which can be downloaded. In my own case, I was surprised to find that my angry emotion was a response of the fear-based “panic”.

    You can even be your own sleuth and dig deeper into the causes of fear and negative imprints in your life, by purchasing the book, “Dowse This: Your Journey to Emotional Balance” and the Booklet “Dowse This… Take Back Your Power; Clear Your Negative Imprints” by Juanita Ott.

    I hope this article has been helpful and puts you back in control of your own life and emotions – without fear. Article submission by Lori Nelson;

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