The Fertile Woman


The Fertile Woman

This month's article touches on a sensitive and popular subject lately - a woman's body and fertility. While some women have no trouble with conception or childbearing, there are those precious souls who desperately desire to conceive a child of their own, and for whatever reasons are unable or fail to carry a healthy baby to full-term. The information and charts in this month's article are designed to pinpoint exactly why someone might not be able to conceive or carry to term, and what can be done to help correct the problem. While we understand that our male counterparts are sometimes the reason for lack of conception, this article only deals with the woman's body and issues.

There are several reasons why a woman may have difficulty conceiving. One of the common reasons is as simple as worrying to much. I have seen over and over again couples who spend literally years trying to conceive, but the event evades them until they eventually give up hope and stop trying - stop worrying. Then suddenly, WHAM, they are future parents. The reason for this, I am certain, is because of a simple truth - whatever it is that you focus your fullest emotional attention on will come to you, whether or not you want it. For example, if a couple has spent several months trying, without success, to conceive, the thought pattern generated will go something like this: "Why can't we have a baby?" or "We try and try but we can't conceive..." The simple focus of that thought, the "can” is the very reason why some people do not conceive. My recommendation would be to read, "The Law of Attraction," by Jerry and Esther Hicks ( and change your thought processes to focus on the happiness and joy of holding that child in your arms. By focusing on the "having" instead of the "not having" will substantially increase your chances of conceiving.

Other reasons may be more physical in nature. There may be blocked fallopian tubes, scar tissue, toxins in the system, diminished blood flow to the uterus, or any number of other reasons why an embryo will not thrive. A healthy diet may be an issue. Lack of proper vitamins or over abundance of certain minerals or metals my be the culprit.

Finally, there can be issues not related to either physical or mental, but will have more to do with life contracts, personal resentments or unresolved past life problems. It is said the natural reflects the spiritual, so it stands to reason that the physical body will react in like with the mental state of the individual. For example, you may wonder why some women seem to have absolutely no trouble conceiving and carrying a baby to full term, only to neglect that child and lose it to death or have it taken from them by family members or local authorities. The common and tragic answer is that this woman’s thought processes and life lessons have placed her in a position to be receptive to negative circumstances, such as alcoholism, drug abuse, and even rape. All of these activities involve allowing or inviting (consciously or subconsciously) an invasion of the physical body (consuming alcohol, drugs, men into the body), including the conception of an embryo. Each negative invasion also comes with equally negative consequences, which is very unfortunate for the innocent child, but may also have to do with karmic resolutions or life contracts.

Similarly, a woman or couple who have trouble conceiving may be experiencing their own karmic resolutions and end up “suffering” by being unable to either conceive at all during this lifetime, or balancing their karmic differences and conceiving later in life.

This month’s chart on Fertility is designed to help women and couples to identify the reasons why they are having trouble in this area. My demonstration this month will be on a woman for whom I have done many readings in an effort to help her understand why she has not conceived. At this time, I will connect with her energy (no names will be given due to the very confidential nature of this subject) and dig a little deeper into why she is having this trouble, and recommend how the problem might be resolved. Q: Why is “Ashley” unable to conceive a child so far in this lifetime? A: Release cellular memory from womb. Q: Is this a past life concern? A: Yes. Q: What would be the best way to remove the past life cellular memory to enable her to conceive: A: Offer the past to God; Release all but Love Q: Are there any other issues that need to be addressed so she can quickly conceive? A: No. Q: What is the percentage of probability that she will be able to conceive once she releases the cellular memory? A: 90%. Q: What is the reason for the remaining 10%? A: Clear emotions associated with each sexual experience. Q: Is anxiety or fear a contributing factor (thoughts that form during the sexual experience and anxiety to conceive?) A: Yes Q: If the emotions are cleared, what is the probability that they will conceive and deliver a healthy baby in this lifetime? A: 100%

This is by no means a typical reading. They can sometimes tend to go on and on, however, I happen to know that this lady has spent a number of years working very hard on conception, so she may have worked through a multitude of issues already.

If you are one of the precious souls who, for whatever reasons, are having difficulty conceiving or carrying your child to term, please take the time to download this month’s chart and work on why you are having trouble. If you are able to pinpoint the reasons, but are at a loss as to how to remedy the situations, there are several resources here on Mirrorwaters that can help you on your journey to clear your soul history and restore your body.

Juanita works on the energy bodies and can also help unblock areas to release unwanted energies or attitudes about conception. As well, her husband is a Shaman and is available to take you on a journey of clearing emotional blocks. Any one of these trusted resources is willing and fully able to help you on your journey of a fulfilling and abundant life. Finally, I do psychic readings, body scans, and chakra clearings, which can help a number of issues, as well (visit for a complete list of available readings).

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey to conception. God bless and good luck. Article submission by Lori Nelson;

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