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I will be available for Dowsing Sessions most Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 9am Mountain Time and 3pm Mountain Time. Each Dowsing Session will be Dowsed by me, Juanita Ott.

NOTE: Upon purchasing a Session you will be asked to download and complete a Consent Form. Once you have returned the Consent Form, I will contact you to setup an appointment.


  Messages From Andy - Cost $30.00

When you purchase a Message from Andy, Juanita will dowse a Tarot Deck and maybe a book to receive the message, as well as the number of cards (maximum of 3 cards for the $30 price), using the Tarot Representations chart Juanita will dowse what each card represents. Each message generally takes at least a half hour of Juanita’s time, possibly more depending on the number of cards that Juanita is directed to dowse and will be shared via Private Message or Email (your choice). I will also include the Delve Deeper Questions for you to Delve Deeper on your own.

Further Instructions are included in the Purchase Download

Use Coupon Code as the Subject of your Email.

If you have never seen a Message from Andy click Here for a Sample.


  Standard Dowsing Session - Cost $150.00
This Session will take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours primarily using the Dowse This Chart Books. During the session I will be in contact with your "I AM Presence" and your guides. Your "I AM Presence" will be in charge of the direction the session takes, during which time charts will be used, and that direction will be based on the issue that you have identified that you wish to work on when you return your consent form. At the end of each session, I will create an email report based on the information that I discover during the dowsing session. I will clear, remove, neutralize, heal, etc., whenever I am directed to do so by your "I AM Presence". I will also dowse for recommendations at the end of each session on how you may continue your healing between sessions. At the end of each session I will write up what I have dowsed into a report and email you. These reports can also take up to 2 hours to compile the information into a readable form for you. Prior to each session, I prepare myself and my space, open sacred space, smudge, meditate etc so that I am able to have a clear connection with your I am presence during your session.


Please Note that you should select One Issue to be worked on. I cannot dowse Multiples Issues when you purchase 1 session. If you list Multiple Issues, I will Dowse to see if the Issues can be dowsed as 1 issue and if not I will dowse the Issue that will provide the client with the most benefit.
I am currently booking sessions Tuesday, Wednesday's and Thursdays only, I do only one session a day and each session begins at 11 am Mountain Time. During the session I ask that you are relaxed and not engaged in any stressful or high energy situation.


If you would like more information, please email me at Services

NOTE: If, upon contacting your "I AM Presence", I am unable to continue the session, I will refund your entire payment. This rarely happens, but there is always that possibility. Before that happens, however, we will be in contact with you via email to discuss the issues.

Click here to see a Sample Session


Chakra Balancing - Cost $65.00
This session will be entirely Dowsing Directed via your "I AM Presence" and guides. This session includes a full Chakra Scan, Aura Scan and I will also check for and remove any Non-Beneficial Cords of Attachment. I will perform all corrections as directed by your "I AM Presence." You will be sent an email regarding the session but not a full report.


  Interactive Dowsing Session - Cost $35.00

This Service has been discontinued.


  Etheric Weave - $95

I have been working with this method to balance your Etheric Body, Astral Body, Aura, and Chakras for several years now and have had some amazing results. You can click the Link below to read some examples of weaves I have performed.

A remote weaving consists of me connecting with your I AM Presence, your guides and the Universe. I usually try to set up a time with my client when they can relax during the weaving, and for a short time afterward. Each session generally lasts about 15 to 20 minutes, but has on occasion lasted much longer, it lasts as long as your body wants it to last basically as we are not in control. The Universe knows what is required and I am just allowing the Universe to preform the required healing.

I do have several colours of the weavers, but sadly not all. In fact I seem to have lost one which is very odd as I've always kept them all together. I allow your High Self/I AM Presence to choose the colour most suited for your healing each time.

For More Information Click Here


I also offer Etheric Weaving's for your pet, a pet weave does not generally take as much time nor is it so important to coordinate our timing for the weave. Plus for pets I simply do a weave and there is no formal report. I will however report in email if I notice anything unusual. For this reason; if your weave is for a Pet, I will perform 2 weaves for the same pet (as I feel it benefits a pet to have more than one balancing close together) they will be performed within a few days of each other, after the first weave I will dowse to determine when the pet would benefit from the next weave session. I also request that you send a picture of your pet to me so I can better connect with your pet. Sorry but dowsing indicates that purchasing 1 weave session will be for one pet only it cannot be shared between 2 pets. If you prefer to purchase 1 session for your pet contact me and I will issue a Coupon for 20% off the Etheric Weave price.



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