Soothe The Soul

Submitted by Mirrorwaters on Fri, 09/21/2018 - 13:51

Soothe The Soul

This chart set (click the graphic for the pdf of charts) is an interactive set of Charts created with the help of Folks from the Mirrorwaters Facebook Group.

If you have something you would like to see added. Let me know and I will update the charts. 

So this is a set of charts I thought would be great for a learning experience on the Mirrorwaters group. I originally named the chart Help Me Make it Through the Day. Who hasn't had those days were you are just struggling and are so overwhelmed by life you just don't know where to turn or what to do to feel better. Maybe this chart will help. 

As your first learning experience this chart can be used in so many ways that it is often difficult to add a title that will just cover all of the possibilities. For this reason I always caution that it is best to ignore the actual title of the charts but use the title as a clue of what you will find on the charts. Then ask an appropriate question for the information you wish to obtain. If I call the Charts, Help be Make it Through the Day, you might automatically just make a question based on the Title, "What do I need most to Help Me Make it Through the Day?" But, if the Chart were titled Soothe My Soul then you might design a question regarding what you need to Soothe My Soul. But I'm here to tell you that the title doesn't matter!!!! Is it simply a Clue to Being a Detective in Your Own Well Being! If you get nothing from this post other than the TITLE of the CHART Doesn't Matter that is great. Now lets carry the thought a little further, have a quick look at the chart contents. What would you call this chart? What would be a beneficial title for your chart? Try to list as many possible titles as you can, things you think the chart set could be used for and keep it with the chart.

Next lets work on the Question aspect. What kind of Questions would you ask in order to achieve the answer that you desire, a meaningful answer to the question that you want the answer to. Now List for Yourself some of the possible questions that you might ask. Think of all the possibilities available to you and keep them with your charts, those list of questions just might come in handy at some point in the future, on one of those days you are just too overwhelmed to think. In fact take a blank chart and list your questions on there. Or just number your questions and then use the numbers on the chart to dowse which question you should ask. The possibilities truly are endless.

Now look to see what is missing from the chart. What would YOU add? You can pencil it in or you could send your additions to me and I will update this chart on this page and everyone can benefit from your ideas. You can add comments at the bottom of the page or just post on Facebook on the Mirrorwaters page or group. Send me a Private Message, or send an email to me at

I have been updating these charts over the last couple of years and the updated charts will soon be available for purchase on Mirrorwaters Store. In the meantime enjoy the free set. You will learn much if you actually go through the process of thinking up alternative names and questions that will suit your own particular circumstances.

© Mirror Waters; 09/21/2018



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