Why Use Charts?


The Pendulum Dance
Oh, take me today to dance;
To Dance with the Universe
The pendulum dance
The graceful movements
Provide the answers
To solve the puzzles
Of the mind
The Pendulum Dance
Choreographed by the Universe
Empowered by Charts
Performed by Dowsers
Embraced by Love
The Dance


Why Use Charts?

I first heard about dowsing about several years ago. I was one of those people who was shown a pendulum by a family member and thought, “Oh my goodness…Now WHAT?”

Being the type of person I am, I really couldn’t say anything about it until I had all my facts in a row, after which I was going to tell her what a lot of bunk this new venture was. So, I bought myself a book, and then I bought myself a pendulum. I never did get around to telling her that dowsing was bunk. The second book I read on dowsing talked about using charts to dowse and I was intrigued. I purchased my first chart book, but had no idea what to do with it. So, it sat on the shelf for months, if not years, unused.

Then, one morning my husband, who had been having an issue with a fluttering sensation in his chest for a couple of months, sat down and told me he was going to make an appointment to have it checked out. It was a Saturday morning and I already had my pendulum in hand, so I pulled out my chart book and started to dowse. I asked many questions regarding the causes to see if he had a heart condition. Then I asked what would be a beneficial treatment for him. I dowsed some flower essences, but at the time I didn’t even know what a flower essence was. Then, I dowsed that he should take some EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acid). I had an idea what that was but coincidentally I did have some UDO’s oil (omega oils) in the fridge, so I took it out and asked if the UDO’s oil would benefit him. I then dowsed using a dosage chart to see how much he should take. I called him upstairs and told him, “Here, take this.” He said, “What the heck is that?” I told him it didn’t matter, that my dowsing indicated that it would be beneficial to his current condition, so he took it. He took one tablespoonful as indicated by the dosage chart, and within two seconds the fluttering in his chest stopped! He looked at me with wide eyes. I got scared. I thought, “Oh no! What am I doing giving him stuff I hardly know, how it will affect him? I might kill him!” Then he said with shock in his voice, “The Fluttering has stopped! It’s totally gone.” It never did come back, either, and we still take a tablespoon of UDO’s oil every few days.

Now the purpose of the above story is to make my point that even if you know very little about a subject, and maybe more importantly if you know very little about a subject, charts can be more than helpful. I’ve had many dowsers over the years tell me they don’t need charts, as they can find the answers with Yes and No questions. I agree with this; yes you can, but what if you don’t know the appropriate questions you are supposed to ask? What if you don’t know what a flower essence is? What if you don’t know the names of the essences? What if you don’t know what an EFA is? What if you don’t now what an ileocecal valve is?

If you are limited to asking questions based on your current conscious knowledge, then you really are not totally opening yourself up to the Universal Knowledge available to you via your pendulum. Had I not used charts to dowse for my husband, I’m sure that he would have been to the doctor within a couple of days for a check up and probably would have had to visit a cardiologist. I’m also betting that he would not have been prescribed 1 tablespoon of UDO’s oil.

Understandably, after my first experience using charts I decided that they were pretty useful. I began to research flower essences and eventually purchased a complete set of Bach Flower Essences. But, I did not have a decent chart for Bach Essences. I searched for years to find a chart based solely on Bach Flower Essences, then I finally decided I would have to make my own chart. This began a new search, how to make a decent chart. What computer program should I use? I tried several different programs and I made several different styles of Bach Flower charts over the years. After approximately five years of searching for the perfect chart-making program, I finally found it! It probably took me another two years to teach myself how to utilize the program to make professional-looking charts. In the process, I’ve created several different chart books and I have several projects nearing completion. For more information on the books I have available, please visit my website. A PDF version of the Bach Flower Essences is available on the Purchasing Dowsing Charts Page.

Over the years I have come to use charts a lot. They give me access to information instantly. My husband and I keep a file folder of blank charts on the kitchen table so we can instantly create charts as needed. Once, when searching for a new vehicle, we wrote each option on a chart then dowsed for the best vehicle to buy. I am always creating charts for special cases. The possibilities are endless. One of my challenges is using the pendulum to find lost items. I’ve always been good at finding things on my own, so my mind tends to get in the way. I always seem to have a definite idea where a lost item might be. Yet, there are times I just can’t find something, nor can I dowse for it, since my mind strongly believes it knows where the item is. So, I created a chart to assist me to dowse the location, this chart is also available for purchase. Chart dowsing seems to allow me to more easily remove my ego from the situation. I just ask the question and the pendulum moves to the answer.

The chart we use most is a chart for dowsing percentage/probability. I am never without a percentage chart handy. The endless ways I use the percentage/probability chart is an article in itself!


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