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While perusing through my daily email, a question from a reader came up about timing, and how does one go about dowsing the perfect timing of a future event? Since we at Mirrorwaters posted a dowsing chart on timing earlier this year, we thought we would answer a reader's question by posting an article on how to dowse for timing. The timing chart is also available in several of the Dowse This… book series. Alternatively, if you missed the free download when it was the Chart of the Month, we have made this chart available to purchase a downloadable version of the chart.

Dowsing for perfect (or close to it) timing is really not any different than dowsing for anything else. Intent is really the only thing that makes the difference – intent and a timing chart.

Begin by formulating your question as specifically as possible. For instance, if you want to know when would be the “right” time to interview for a particular job, be detailed in your description. Anticipation of a quick answer might cause you to simply ask, “When is the best day to interview?” This question is very vague and general. When is the best time to interview for which job, which company, which position, which salary? You may even have to ask several questions: “When is the best day/time to interview for ABC Financial for the position of Financial Planner?” Being specific gives our helpers/High Self more information with which to work, so that a more accurate answer can be provided. If you have a choice of job opportunities, be sure to ask which job would be best for your highest good, for your family’s highest good, for financial strength, etc. Your answers will be different, depending on your need, and you will have a better foundation of information with which to make an informed decision about your future.

A beautiful example of dowsing for timing was when I was sought out to interview for the position I now hold as a Supervisor at a well-known multi-specialty medical clinic in the north Houston and surrounding areas. I greatly anticipated the change and was eager to know when, exactly, I would hear back after interviewing twice for the position. At first several days passed, and the nervous butterflies began darting back and forth in the pit of my stomach. Finally, I pulled out my pendulum and a timing chart and asked the question, “Has a decision been made on whether or not I will be offered the position of Supervisor for the Medical Clinic.” After receiving a “yes” response, I asked, “Has the Medical Clinic decided to offer the position to me?” Again, yes. Excited, I then began the barrage of questions that follow: “On which day will I be offered the position of Supervisor for Medical Clinic?” After giving my pendulum a momentum swing to and away from my body to get it going, it began circling, clockwise, and immediately started swinging toward “Monday,” and then to “November” and then “3.” Still not satisfied, and wanting to know more specifically when, I asked, “What time on November 3rd will I receive a call from Medical Clinic?” Still in its momentum, it pointed to “4” and then “pm.” I had a few days to go before November 3rd arrived, so all I could do was wait and dowse, over and over again, if I had really been selected for the position. Again and again I received a yes response.

November 3rd finally arrived. I made myself busy with work at my then current position. The afternoon slowly crept into the later part of the day. Finally 4:00 was approaching. At exactly 4:00 p.m., there was still no phone call. I had to tell myself to be patient, that dowsing for timing is not an exact science, since I didn’t dowse to the minutes and seconds of the event. At 4:13 p.m., the phone rang. It was the Human Resources Department calling to offer me the position with the clinic.

The timing chart is also a very valuable tool to determine the projected date of birth of a baby! Using the same techniques and specific questions, you can ask, “What day, date, and time will my next baby most likely be born.” Once you get your date, then dowse for probability. Using a Percentage Chart ask, “What is the percent of probability that the baby now in my (my wife’s) womb will be born on the date that was just dowsed?” Take this a step further by using an ABC chart and dowsing the sex (if you want to know)and a name!

p>Dowsing for a wedding date is also a very good use of the timing chart. You can choose a date when the weather will be perfect, if it is an outside wedding. Go the extra mile and dowse which flowers, colors, music, location, etc.

If you trade stocks, foreign exchange, or commodities, you can dowse the appropriate start and stop times for your trades. The list goes on and on.

One last example of how to use the timing chart is with dowsing for past life events. This is one of the most fun and unique forms of timing dowsing. Of course, there is no way to definitively prove the past life events, unless they were in the recent, recordable past where names and dates can be verified. However, this brings to mind a Past Life event that I dowsed with a client a few years back. We were on MSN chat and I dowsed the date and day of his birth of a lifetime several centuries earlier. I believe that I dowsed that the date was a Thursday. The gentleman, without my knowledge, went and checked on the Internet to see if the date given actually had occurred on a Thursday. Imagine his surprise when he found out it actually had! Rather than go on about this, I will refer you to our past life dowsing article. It’s quite interesting and informative. I suggest you give it a gander.

Another interesting article on our website on timing is the Dowsing the Future article.

The lists of events to dowse are literally limitless. Use your imagination…and the timing chart. You’ll be entertained for hours!

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