Permission & Dowsing

Permission & Dowsing

It is recommended to all dowsers that they request permission prior to dowsing for information. Permission is part of most dowsers prepare to dowse procedure. May I, Can I, Should I is one of the most popular form of dowsing permissions. It has been taught by many dowsers and the explanation is highly publicized in the popular E-Book "Letter to Robin" created by long time dowser and former president of the American Society of Dowers Walt Woods. It is my belief that everyone has a right to their own personal privacy; it is respectful of dowsers to honor that privacy. It is in my opinion unethical to intrude on another person's personal privacy. I must have verbal permission to dowse for another prior to me even picking up the pendulum.

This however is not a lesson on permission I have a theory regarding permission that I wish to share. When working with others and performing any kind of healing or collecting information most dowsers will ask for permission. If permission is denied, they just give it up and say, "Sorry, I don't have permission to do that," even when that person has verbally given permission! End of Story. I do permissions as well, but with a twist. One of the things I do when working with others is I will attempt to connect to the other persons' High Self once I have their verbal permission to do so. To do this, my pendulum swings diagonally NE to SW while attempting to connect, and then when the connection is established the pendulum switches to my Yes swing, to indicate to me that I have successfully connected. This is my "permission". If I don't have permission, then the pendulum will swing in my "attempting to connect" direction for what seems like ages, and eventually revert to my NO swing to indicate to me that I DO NOT have permission to dowse that person at this time. It is my theory that if the person is otherwise engaged with a task that requires their concentration, or their High Self is already otherwise engaged, then permission is denied. I never assume that just because I was denied once that I should just declare "Permission Denied" and give it up. I, also, will typically never attempt to dowse for someone else unless I am first given Verbal Permission to do so.

Along that line, I just love it when I receive unexpected confirmation of my theory. This happened this morning. Every morning, first thing, I download a dose of Morning Cup Dowsing Program (This is a PROGRAM that I have established with my subconscious to perform a series of energy balances, etc., and ending with a protection sequence to protect me from negative influences. I just keep the protection sequence topped up daily, as it is a very powerful sequence and does not dissipate fully in 24 hours, so it is not the first thing I do.) I also connect with my husband each morning and give him a dose of "The Morning Cup," usually while we are having coffee. He loves it that I do this for him. This morning I attempted to connect with my husband's High Self like I do every day, and the pendulum just swung and did not go to YES. I thought, "How odd!" The last time this happened it was indicated that he had to be responsible for his own Morning Cup for a few weeks, for whatever reason. Anyway, I glanced at him and he was just preparing to dowse for something that was very important to him at that time. So I told him I wasn't allowed to do his Morning Cup, because he was busy. He said, "Try again," but he was still involved in his own dowsing activity. Again, it swung to "connecting" for a long time, and then NO. Eventually, when he finished his dowsing, I attempted to connect to his High Self and it just took a couple of seconds to swing to Yes! I had no problem with his Morning Cup download at that point.

For me, this is once again confirmation of my theory that just because I have not received permission once, it does not mean that I am forever denied permission to work on a particular dowsing activity. It just might mean that the timing is not right for whatever reason and I don't always need to know the reason. I will often just get out my timing chart to see when I might be allowed to do the work that I wish to do.

If it is a question that I have no business asking, then my pendulum simply refuses to move at all: Permission DENIED! Once that happens, I either get out a chart, such as the Blocks chart, a previous Chart of the Month, or I ask why permission was denied. Once I know the reasons, I can then move forward with my dowsing quest, be it either dealing with the reason why permission was denied or, if it's none of my business, to give it up. This is my personal program for the Permission/May I Can I Should I dowsing belief.

No matter what system you use, the point is not to give up until you're instructed to by your High Self.


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