Dowsing: Common Questions/Concerns

Dowsing: Common Questions/Concerns

Some of the common comments and questions that I have heard from people who are just learning to dowse are... I want to learn how to use dowsing without harm to anyone. Is it your subconscious or other entities that answer? Could I "awake" something that I should not? I think in a lot of cases these questions are the first ones that most new dowsers have. I know we have been conditioned by people, sometimes our parents, sometimes the churches, sometimes just well meaning friends, to believe that dowsing and any form of divination is wrong and sometimes even dangerous.

I've decided to address some of beginning dowsers concerns here.

Don't enter into anything blindly, it is good to be cautious but not to the point of never doing anything and never stepping outside your comfort zone. Dowsing is wonderful, it is such a valuable technique to master and in my opinion the ONLY way to do it wrong would be to never do it! It would be such a shame to not take advantage of this awesome tool out of a sense of fear.

It really isn't the dowsing tool giving you the answers. Dowsing is quite simply a method to allow you to access the answers available to your sub-conscious mind. Your body then controls the tool via tiny muscle movements. You can also use your body to dowse, this is called deviceless dowsing and you can find more information on a variety of deviceless dowsing methods in our Dowsing 101 section on this website.

In answer to the first point, a wish to use dowsing without harm to anyone, I offer. The important factor here is intent. The desire to do no harm is the best intent to have when beginning any form of healing work etc. As long as your intentions are pure, then it is my belief that you will do no harm. Some folks reaffirm their desire to do no harm whenever they pick up their dowsing instrument; this is a good practice in my opinion. Not necessarily necessary but a fine practice.

Many consider that by walking into a Pub you would be more likely to encounter something nasty than by picking up a pendulum or dowsing rod. When using your dowsing tool you simply gain visual access to universal knowledge and used wisely you will enjoy many many years of dowsing practice. But don’t forget; you should use common sense. Also keep a strong code of ethics, just because you can does not mean you should, do not do anything or attempt to access information that you do not have a right to know or do.

Always ask to establish communication with a known. For instance your sub-conscious or your high self, God, the Universe, your guides, your angels, universal knowledge etc. use the term that most closely associates with what your belief systems are, all of the above are appropriate, or dowse whom you will connect to. You can also ask what your spirit guides name is and receive an answer via the ABC communication chart or simply mediate on it. In specific circumstances I might ask for information from say an interior decorator and then dowse what colour to paint a room (YES I DO THIS ALWAYS) or when dowsing a homeopathic remedy I might request that my high self connect or my guide connects with the high self of the late Samuel Hahnemann the founder of the Homeopathic Remedy System of Healing. Specify who you wish to connect to, usually for me it is my guide or my high self. Then connect with the highself or guide of someone else. Always double check that you have established the connection that you intended to make. If you suspect that you have not connected to your usual guide (I find you get used to your guides and you feel if something is not right) then ask if you are connected with your high guardian angel or your spirit guide. If you are not; ask why. You are in control of the situation. I have always connected with my guide or highself first; I then always ask my guide or highself to connect with the highself of anyone else that needs to be contacted to ask a question or do healing. I never link directly; I like to keep a buffer zone. If I have asked to send a spirit to the light, I always ask that my guide and the angels take care of the particulars I'm never involved directly.

Also you should learn to establish a form of personal protection. The one that I use is called the Tubes of Light. Some folks simply surround themselves with White light or blue light or lavender light. Some prefer a system of mirrors. Come up with something for yourself and use it daily not just for dowsing work but prior to meditation etc. You want only good things to enter into your energetic field, you state that with intent. I use the Daily Dowsing Technique called the Morning Cup each morning. You can access this technique on this site.

Another thing to consider is that Even if you feel in your heart that you are doing something for the greatest good of the individual in question. Remember everyone has a right to make their own personal choices & not have them forced upon them. For instance this week I would dearly love to be able to work on my son as he is in pain, but he is a skeptic and he does not want me or anyone else messing with his energy field. Naturally I would only do so with the utmost love and respect in my heart for him, but he doesn't want it and that is his right as an individual. So as hard as it is for me, I must allow him to make his own choices and he wants a massage and chiropractor. So I have made him an appointment with a chiropractor and we will take him. It is his choice to make not mine even though I'm his mother.

I myself would never mess with the inherent right of an individual to maintain his own specific frequency and make their own choices. I would never presume to assume that it was okay to mess with someone else’s energy field without specific permission. And even after I received verbal permission I would ask their highself again when I was about to perform any type of energetic work.

I myself think it is okay to dowse those things that specifically might affect you such as a potential employee's Character Trait which might be hidden during an interview. You would hate to inadvertently hire a Drama Queen or someone who likes to stir the pot so I would dowse only those things that might have an effect on me. Then you could avoid hiring the individual but after dowsing this type of thing I don't think you have the inherent right to make changes to this potential employee’s vibrational field to suit yourself. Maybe it’s just me./

I have been dowsing for many years and have never awoken anything that I shouldn't! Others may have totally different ideas, rules and beliefs than what I mention here, that is okay too as everyone establishes their own set of belief systems. No one person can tell you what your rules are read and listen to what everyone has to say and then decide what works for you. Dowse it, meditate on it or pray for guidance whatever works for you, do it!

Finally, the cool thing about learning to dowse is you don't have to email someone and ask these questions. Ask your subconscious mind your questions and you will get the answer. The chakra balancing document offered on this site outlines the steps for you to balance your chakras. If you preform those steps your chakras will be balanced. Since there are several different methods given in the article pick the method that most closely resonates with you or ask your subconscious mind via the dowsing tool which method would be the most beneficial for you to use at this time.

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