Haunted: Removing Unwanted Visitors

Haunted: Removing Unwanted Visitors

This article is presented to perhaps shed a different view on removing unwanted spirits from homes and dwellings. By taking the focus off the “type” of entity that is haunting a space, and placing it on the faith and power of the homeowner, over time a home or space can be completely rid of these annoying intruders.

By the time a family has resorted to contacting a team of paranormal investigators, they are already at the point where they feel powerless. The job of the investigator is to return power to the homeowner by building up their belief/faith in themselves and their abilities. This usually takes some time as they begin to see progress in removing the unwanted entity. A cleansing ritual in and of itself (generally using sage to smudge the entire inside of the home and property grounds) provides a minimal amount of power by symbolism/intent. The real power and key to long-term success is the power that comes from the person’s faith in their abilities and their understanding that the intruder is nothing more than a punk that needs to be kicked out.

By choosing not to assign a name or identity to a spirit or entity, it immediately downplays the significance and strength it has over the client (by demeaning its significance) and bolsters the client’s own position as the owner of the space. It is the job of the paranormal investigator to empower the client and ultimately show them that the ONLY control the spirit has over them is the control they, themselves, relinquish to the entity by failing to take action to defend their own territory. As soon as the client begins to reclaim their right of ownership of the space, the spirit’s hold will diminish and it will very soon no longer be in the space at all. The most important way to help the client regain control of their home and build a belief in their own power is to paint a picture of the entity as a bully or robber who has broken into their home and refuses to leave. Would anyone allow a robber or thief to remain in their home for a long period of time without taking every measure possible to remove it? No! It is no different with an unwanted spirit; the only difference is that the spirit does not have a physical body. Other than that, it should be considered an intruder and must be kicked out. This simple truth holds true for basic negative human entities and the stronger, more malevolent beings as well.

It is important to make sure the client understands that the efforts to remove an entity could be an ongoing struggle for a while. The entity has become comfortable and has claimed the house as its own; it will fight to maintain control. They need to be mindful and diligent over time, and not just the one time of the initial removal ritual. In many cases, the client will succeed in forcing the spirit out of the home, and things will return to normal for a week or so, but then little things may begin to start happening again as the entity attempts to regain control of the home and influence over the members of the household. Remind the client to expect this and not to panic, and that their original cleansing did work, despite any doubts they may have to the contrary. The spirit is only trying to regain control and will need to be repeatedly pushed back out until it eventually gives up and moves on.

The point here is that we are all spirits and while a spirit is here on this plane, he is subject to obey the will of the living. A belief in ones own spiritual authority and a mechanism /ritual to exercise that authority is all that is really required to deal with such loathsome creatures. The name or identity of the entity is not the important factor. The biggest issue in the situation is getting the client to understand that he's being manipulated and deceived. Spirits are often master manipulators. They love to make themselves look bigger than they are, as in the case of a bully. Its all part of the manipulation tactic to keep the subject under their control. Once the client understands his own power, the game is over.

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