Rules For Dowsing

Rules for Dowsing!

Have you ever wondered what you can and cannot dowse for? Have you ever put off dowsing, or anything else, because you were afraid you were not doing it right? Have you deprived yourself of an experience because you were afraid you would do something wrong? You just didn’t know all the rules of engagement so you could not move forward? I Have!

When I first heard about dowsing I was intrigued, but first; I had to read several books so I could learn to do it right. It was probably a good year after I purchased my first pendulum before I could pick it up to actually dowse. Over time I came to realize that there were so many rules put in place by so many dowsers that if I tried to follow all of them, I would never be able to dowse at all!

There would be so many things to consider and worry about. I would first concern myself with my tool. I would think to myself, “Hmmmm… I sure hope no one has touched it while it was out of my sight and contaminated it with their energy!”, or horrors - maybe it has accumulated some dark energies since I last used it. I knew I had better clear the pendulum first, but how? I wondered if I should run it under the cold water tap, or maybe I needed to take it out to my closest river and dip it in running water, or should I wait for the full moon and set it outside for the night, bury it in soil, or give it a siesta in sea salt for 3 days? But geez, if I had to wait 3 days to ask my question it would be too late! I thought I would just have to buy more pendulums. Then I could use my pendulum to ask how to clear them, but what if it already has accumulated so much negative energy that it was unclearable, and was it time to throw it out? Yeah, you heard me right, someone in one of the books I read suggested that you could only use your pendulum for a certain amount of time and then would need to throw it out. But wait! What if it’s not the pendulum? Maybe it’s me? Perhaps I need to first drink water, meditate, change my frequency, uncross my legs, sit in the sunlight, move away from the computer, move my chair so I can look out a window, wait for it to stop raining, calm myself, (but I can’t calm myself because I’m too worried about doing it right and I need to dowse because I need some answers...). You get the picture?

If you truly tried to follow all the rules you would never be able to dowse at all! So really, who makes the rules? I’m here to tell you without a doubt, “YOU DO!” You need to determine for yourself what your rules are; not just for dowsing. This is applicable for your whole life! Think about all the rules you have been given over the years. Some for the very young ‘You’ that may still be playing themselves out in your subconscious mind, or may still be a part of your internal filters.

Maybe it is time for you to examine some of those rules and decide for yourself the ‘rules’ that are applicable to you, and lucky for you dowsing is a very useful tool to assist you.

Now get comfortable. If you think you need water drink it, it’s totally up to you! If you want to sit in front of your computer, it works for me! I do a lot of my dowsing sitting cross legged in my computer chair.

Access your subconscious mind via the pendulum and ask something like, “Can I dowse which rules are appropriate for me in regards to dowsing (or something else)?”

Then run through some of your internal rules. Some rules may be appropriate, some are not, some are just someone else’s rules that they have imposed on themselves -- things that work for them but are not necessary for all dowsers. Here are some rules I have heard or read over time.

  • You cannot dowse the future
  • Never let anyone else use your pendulum
  • You must never cross your legs when dowsing
  • You can’t dowse during a storm
  • You can’t dowse unless you are sitting in front of a window (what if I’m dowsing in a bookstore? The rack I’m dowsing is nowhere near a window? What now?)
  • Never dowse around electricity (guess you will need to find an unpopulated area to do your dowsing)
  • Never dowse around Motors or Magnets, again… unpopulated area is your best bet. So if you want to dowse drive to your local unpopulated area, park your car (motor & magnets?) and walk a few miles so you will not be adversely affected.
  • You can’t dowse unless your body frequency is at least … then they suggest dowsing to increase it???
  • After a pendulum has been used for a few months it will become saturated with negative energies and will need to be discarded
  • Take a bath after dowsing, it is a matter of life and death! A matter of life and death? I've never done this and have dowsed for years? Should I be dead? Or is death imminent? Why the fear of death added onto this rule? What is the purpose of trying to instill fear?
  • Some pendulums only work for some things, HUH?
  • Each of my pendulums has different indicators for yes /no answers. YIKES! That could get confusing.
  • You must face a certain direction when dowsing (geez what if I’m in a vehicle and going in the opposite direction? Does that mean I can’t dowse until the return trip?)
This is just a small sampling of the rules I have heard suggested, but there are so many more that I’ve heard, and I am sure you can add some of your own. I think if I imposed all of those rules on my dowsing I would never be able to actually dowse the issues I’m concerned with.

Also, I’m not saying that these rules are not appropriate for those who created them, and some are probably very good practices for all dowsers, such as hydration and body frequency. I adjust my body frequency each morning when I do the “Morning Cup Dowsing Program”. I typically don’t dowse until I have done the Morning Cup. So yes, I have procedures that I follow just like everyone else, but what I’m saying is… you need to decide for yourself what works for you. I have!

Here are a few of the things that I feel you should consider prior to every dowsing session:

  • Ensure that you have your personal protection in place! You need to make sure you are fully protected from all non-beneficial energies.
  • Never open yourself to outside energies; all messages should be passed through your guides and helpers.
  • Ascribe to a strict code of ethics when dowsing
    • Don’t dowse without permission out of respect.
    • Don’t dowse for information that is none of your business. Don’t dowse if the information you are dowsing does not directly affect you or the person for whom you are dowsing.

    Over the years I have had many people contact me to find out what certain items might mean on a chart which I have created, because they can’t proceed until they know what I mean. So, I generally mention what I meant by the item on the chart. But when you think about things, for instance Swords and Daggers, what does that mean? Well, in my opinion it could have several meanings, such as energetic Swords / Daggers (strong emotions) being directed at you, or it could mean a Past Life energy remnant of an actual wound, or… But most importantly when asked what I mean, I ask the person with the question, since they dowsed it, “What does it mean to you? What was the first thought that came to mind when reading the dowsed result?” Dowsing is about you, so in my opinion, it doesn't necessarily matter what I think something might mean, but that what you think it means is probably more important than my take on it. I would also suggest that by asking for my opinion you have given away your power. Dowsing is about empowerment and you have at your fingertips the ability to research the meaning of Swords / Daggers on your own and what it means to you.

    So take back your power, make your own rules, and decide for yourself who is in control. My parting advice to you is…

    You have a Pendulum; USE IT!

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