Permission and Ethics in Dowsing

Permissions and Ethics in Dowsing

This is always a touchy subject. People have so many different ideas about what is okay and what is not, and ways around actually having an individual’s personal permission. Not to mention, some high-profile dowsing teachers suggest that permission is not required, because what you are doing is in the best interest of the individual. Then there is the concept that you simply have to connect with the High Self of the individual and request permission from the High Self. The individual need never know that he was the subject of a dowsing session. There is also the common question set, “May I? Can I? Should I?”, which is promoted in a common teaching publication where again no verbal permission is necessarily required. I do have a problem with many teachings that tell you if you get dowsed permission using these techniques you can do pretty much whatever you want at that point. I’m sure there are many other forms of asking permission that don’t actually involve getting permission from the individual to be dowsed but I don’t promote them.

For me, if at first a proposed dowse does not pass my own internal/external code of ethics, I do not proceed. I don't believe that we as dowsers have a right to do whatever we like, even if we do it within the highest level of good for the individual in question. I would never proceed with a dowsing/healing without first the verbal consent of the individual, and then after the verbal consent I would again request permission, and also check to see when would be the best time to proceed for the individual’s highest level of good.

I just don’t feel that we have the right to mess with an individual's energetic self without their verbal consent and knowledge, other than to research or clear something directly related to yourself or the person for whom you are dowsing. For instance, I will cut psychic cords or clear an energetic program or link an individual might have with me or my client, which is messing with their energy, but it is only within relation to me and the effect it might have on me. If it doesn't affect me, then I don't mess with it. (How muddy was that statement?) LOL

I was on an email group at one time several years ago and one of the group members gave this advice to someone who was hiring a new employee and wanted to dowse the most appropriate employee: “If the frequency is not what you want, but you want to hire the potential employee, you must do a spiritual clearing in order to transform the vibrational frequency to your specific qualifications.” The first part of the email made some very good points, (which I have not included here), but I have to say that I take exception to the concept of adjusting someone’s vibrational frequency to your own personal specific qualifications. I, myself, would never mess with the inherent right of an individual to maintain his own specific frequency. I would never assume that it was okay to transform someone else's frequency to MY specific qualifications. I think it is okay to dowse those things that specifically might affect the company, such as a potential employee's Character Trait, which might be hidden during a short interview. You would hate to inadvertently hire a Saboteur or someone who likes to stir the pot. In this instance, you can avoid hiring the individual, but after dowsing this type of thing I don't think you have the inherent right to make changes to a potential employee’s vibrational field to suit yourself. Maybe it’s just me.

Rather, I have found it extremely beneficial and much more non-invasive to consider simply changing the vibrational frequency of a space where a group of people might be gathering, to make it the most beneficial for everyone who will be either in attendance for a short period of time, or in a work space where people will be interacting with one another day after day.

Another way to change the interaction between parties is to consider working on yourself, instead of the other people or person. If you are bothered by someone else’s behaviour, perhaps there is something, energetically, in you that needs to be modified to fit in with the dynamics of a group. This can be done by identifying the offending energies by using dowsing charts, specifically those found in Dowse This... Your Relationships; Personal & Professional, and changing them to beneficial. It’s really quite simple.

However, there was one time when a lady asked me and others to send healing to her father who was in hospital and unable to request the healing. When I sent the healing, I first wrapped it all up with the love of the daughter and included, using intention that it was sent at the request of the daughter with only the utmost respect and love of the daughter. Naturally, also including that this could also be rejected or accepted by the energetic body of the father. While many people did not receive permission to even begin to send healing to the gentleman, the healing I sent was allowed, as it did not come from me really, but from his daughter's extreme love for him. Does that make sense? There is always the fine line of ethical and moral dowsing, and there is no one scenario where it all fits into one neat little package. So you must be discerning and consider the ethics involved in what you propose to do prior to actually dowsing a situation.

In certain circumstances it might also be acceptable to offer healing or blessings to an individual to be available to their energetic selves if they choose to accept it. This puts it out there, but you are not FORCING change upon them. In my opinion I think it is also very presumptuous for someone to pray for you unless specifically asking and receiving permission to do so.

Once an individual has requested a dowsing session on their own behalf, several steps need to be considered. In this situation, before I actually begin the session, I connect energetically to their “Highself” and/or their “I AM Presence,” their guides, spirit helpers, etc. I use a dowsing chart “Request Assistance” to determine who I need to connect with for the session. At that point, I once again ask for permission to dowse the issue. It is usually then that permission will be denied by their energetic self, even when that person has verbally given permission. If permission is denied, there are some dowsers who will just give it up and will then contact the individual and say, “Sorry, I am not allowed to dowse for you.” So, what do you do if someone has specifically asked for healing or dowsing work to be done and permission is not granted by the High Self?

For me, I will attempt to connect to the other person’s High Self. My pendulum swings diagonally NE to SW while attempting to connect, and then when the connection is established the pendulum switches to my Yes swing, to indicate to me that I have successfully connected. This is my “permission” to continue with the session. If I don't have permission, then the pendulum will swing in my “attempting-to-connect” direction for ages, and eventually revert to my NO swing to indicate that I DO NOT have permission to dowse that person at this time. It is my theory that if the person is otherwise engaged with a task that requires their concentration or their High Self is already otherwise engaged, then permission is denied. I never assume that just because I was denied that I should give it up.

Along that line, I just love it when I receive unexpected confirmation of my theory. Every morning, first thing, I download the Morning Cup. The “Morning Cup” is a PROGRAM that I have established with my subconscious to perform a series of energy balancing techniques, and ending with a protection sequence to protect me from negative influences. I just keep the protection sequence topped up daily, as it is a very powerful sequence and does not dissipate fully in 24 hours, so it is not the first thing I do. I also connect with my husband each morning and give him a Morning Cup Session. I usually do this while we are having our morning coffee. He loves it that I do this for him. One morning I attempted to connect with my husband’s High Self, like I do every day, and the pendulum just remained in “attempting-to-connect” mode; it did not go to YES. I thought this very odd! The last time this happened, it was indicated that he had to be responsible for his own Morning Cup for a few weeks for whatever reasons. Anyway, I glanced at him and he was just preparing to dowse for something that was very important to him at that time. So, I told him that I wasn't allowed to do the Morning Cup, because he was busy. He asked me to try again, but he was still involved in his own dowsing activity. Again, again I received the “waiting” swing for quite a while, and was again told NO. Eventually, after he was done with his dowsing, I again attempted to connect to his High Self, and at that point it only took the pendulum a couple of seconds to swing to Yes! And I had no problem with his Morning Cup download.

For me, this once again confirmed my theory that just because I have not received permission does not mean that I am forever denied permission to work on a particular dowsing activity. It may only mean that the timing is not right for whatever reason, and I don't always need to know the reason. I will often just get out my timing chart to see when I might be allowed to do the work that I wish to do.

So, in closing; even if you feel in your heart that you are doing something for the greatest good of the individual in question, you must remember that everyone has a right to make their own personal choices and not have them forced upon them. It is their choice to make, not yours, even if you are their parent or spouse or child.

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Hi Juanita.. I just read your article on Permission and Ethics in Dowsing and wanted to share a story with you. My secretary is fascinated with the dowsing I include in my naturopathic practice. She often asks me to look at her grid.(a 'grid' is what I call a print out of a drawing of the human body which includes whatever system I am working on..chakras, meridians, organs, etc) She was busy at the next desk while I worked. I was brought to her eyes and I adjusted them. Before moving on, I checked them to see if the adjustment 'held'. It would not hold. I tried and tried to no avail. I searched the energetic levels (emotional, mental, etheric, astral, etc..)to see where the problem was in holding the adjustment. I found it in the mental body. I began to adjust it..and as I was working on it she said..'What are you doing to my eyes??' I laughed and confirmed I was in fact working on her right eye at that moment and inquired why she asked. She explained that her right eye had closed and she could not open it. I asked her if she would be willing to verbally state that I had permission to correct the eyesight of her mental body. She did so and the eye physically opened. The adjustment also held on the grid. Over the next 2 weeks she noticed a change in her vision, so she went to the ophthalmologist to have her eyes checked. Good news, He informed her that he had no explanation for it but that her vision in the right eye had improved an entire point and she would need to have the prescription on her glasses changed!! Even tho I was working on her grid- at her request, with her permission and in her presence... It seems that maybe when she gave permission, she was doing so with a mental understanding that I was adjusting only her physical body. I learned a big lesson about the power of permission that day.I feel like I am not quite sure the entirety of what I learned.. but it seems getting 'permission' is apparently multifaceted. blessings of love with respect... Anna from Atlanta

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