Who's Life am I Living, Anyway?

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Who’s Life am I Living, Anyway?

If you are like us you have a job, (full-time at home or out of the home), kids, a husband, in-laws, bosses, co-workers, and myriad other relationships that you are intimately involved with on a daily basis. You may find yourself constantly doing for others and miss what’s important – you. This article is intended to help you identify whose life you are really living – your own, or someone else’s.

There are so many ways you can go with this question. Are you putting all your time and energy into your children and their activities? Do you have a needy husband/wife who is either ill or so dependent on you that you find yourself constantly tending to their needs? Are there people at work or other organizations who rely on your talents and expertise to perform functions vital to the flow of their projects?

Perhaps you have a relatively calm, peaceful life, but you feel that you cannot truly relax. Maybe you feel there are some nagging anxieties that gnaw at your inner thoughts. While you may not be physically exhausting yourself with helping other people, your mind is occupied with inner struggles. It might be helpful to know why these thoughts are consuming your energy and time. The reasons can be as simple as current-day financial issues, or may be something that is subconsciously nagging at you from a past-life trauma or experience that you are here to work out.

Whatever the reason, you can find and fix the problem, either by adjusting your own attitude toward your work or by clearing any past life issues which may be intruding on present day.

I can tell you that I run about 1000 miles an hour on any given day as a mother of two kids; a college sophomore and a high school senior and band student. I get up early to meet other band parents on Tuesdays and Fridays to sell a fundraising meal to help the band, arriving at about 6:15 a.m. By 8:00 a.m., I have already arrived at work and put in a full day of helping patients, doctors and nurses. At 6:00 p.m., I am usually pulling into my driveway, where I will grab the mail, and receive lots of love, wagging tails, and sloppy wet kisses from my three sweet dogs. From there, I change into my “home” clothes, and then rush off to the kitchen where I prepare the evening’s meal, clean up the kitchen, and finally settle into a nice hot bath to wash away the day before snuggling into bed. I did everything during the day for everyone else. I’m not saying it was not enjoyable. Most of the time I truly enjoy my life and staying busy, but it does tend to wear me down on weekends, when I spend nearly all my time catching up on housework, laundry, groceries, etc. When I look back on the week, I have found that, with the exception of my 20-minute a day hot soak in the tub (sometimes with Calgon to make me feel just a little pampered), there was no real time for just me. I realized that I was living for everyone else.

What I am about to suggest is that you use the attached chart to first of all find out whose life you are living, besides your own. The list may be extensive, or it may have only one or two other identities. Next, take it a step further. With the blank chart or an ABC chart, ask some questions, such as, is the time I spend on (fill in the blank) a past life agreement? Did I come into this life knowing I would be helping these people at this time? Is there anyone on the list who I should NOT be spending my energy on? Who?

On another blank chart, ask if there are any activities you can spend on yourself that will help you to feel like you have your own life back. Perhaps you enjoy the beach, and your need is to spend a weekend with just you and the ocean. Maybe you need a vacation with just your significant other, with the emphasis on YOU. Perhaps you need to hire a babysitter for the night and go out with the girls to unwind and let your hair down, or plan a poker party with the guys. Whatever it is you need to do, remember that it will be for you – to help you maintain your own identity and rejuvenate your mental health. Once you have dowsed the reason/causes, it’s important to find out the percentage of severity or impact on your daily life. Once you do this, you can more easily determine where you need to make changes.

Below is a brief dowsing session I performed on myself to give you an idea of how this works.

Q: Am I living my life for anyone else besides myself? (This may sound like a selfish question, but hang in there – It’s just a leading question).


Q: How many others (using the Who’s Life numbers, top line):

A: 236 (This does not surprise me, as there are 180 kids in band, coupled with the other folks I interact with on a daily basis.)

Q: What percentage of these 236 others are negatively impacting my life/energy on a daily basis?

A: 23% (I’m breathing a sigh of relief about now. That’s about 55 people – still a lot.)

Q: What are the five most draining relationships – the five relationships with whom I need to adjust my resources/attention in order of severity, most severe first: (Who’s Life chart):

A: Husband 85% severity (not surprised); Societies Expectations 50%; Daughter 37% (band student); Pastor 10% (didn’t see that coming!); Boss/Job 3%.

Q: How many of these are pre-determined struggles (arrangements made before I accepted the assignment to return to this schoolyard for another go-‘round)?

A: 0

Q: How many of the above-mentioned are related to past-life issues I’m working out in this lifetime?

A: 5

Q: What can I do to relieve the stress caused by these relationships/expectations?

A: (ABC chart):

  • Husband: Change Attitude
  • Society’s Expectations: “Ineffective.” Asking further, I was told that I cannot change society’s expectations. So, I asked what I could do to relieve the stress on myself: “Love More.” I asked, “Love who more?” Answer: Lori. Change Heart.
  • Daughter: Help Less. (I like this answer.) I asked, “Why should I help her less?” Answer: “She is now old enough to please herself on life.”
  • Pastor: How can I relieve the stress of my Pastor: “Let go of preconceived pictures of other life.” Do you mean the life after I leave this body? Answer: YES.
  • Boss/Job: Not significant.

    And finally, I asked what I could to take my own life back, to enjoy my life more fully. Using an ABC chart, it was suggested that I go to the beach (where I often go to re-energize), sing more, play more, and meet other psychics (this was unexpected, but makes perfect sense).

    I hope that you will be able to find the answers to life’s nagging issues like I did, and remember to begin living life for YOU, too.

    Article submission by Lori Nelson; Edited by Juanita Ott

    Charts by Juanita Ott

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    Chart - Who's Life Am I Living Anyway?

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