What Are Negative Imprints?


What are Negative Imprints?

Negative Imprints are just that Imprints of some sort, there are several ways they can manifest such as Past Life Imprints, A Belief, A Program, A Contract, Inherited etc.

As children we are constantly bombarded with new ideas, thoughts, words, deeds. Ideas are often repeated over and over again. Stories our parents read to us, bible stories, favourite quotes our parents have said to us our whole lives.

Many of these are not at all beneficial. Many instilled fear, or limiting beliefs that stifle our lives and creativity. I remember as a child every night before bed we said our prayers. The line “if I should die before I wake" actually made me think that the likelihood of this event happening was really pretty good since they even wrote a prayer about it. I remember being terrified to go to sleep, I would cry every night and my mother or father would have to sit and hold my hand every night before I could drift off to sleep. I remember feeling relieved each morning when I woke up that God didn’t come and take my soul while I was sleeping. This pattern repeated itself until I was old enough to choose a different prayer to say at bedtime. Yet as soon as I had children my sleep problems returned even though I had never taught that prayer to my children. Even so this simple prayer was the root of lifelong sleeping difficulties.

Other imprinting could have occurred from Nursery Rhymes, you have to admit some of the stories we heard as children were really quite terrifying. I remember my mother often read to us from two big books, one was Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes and the other was Bible Stories.

Then there is also the TV and Radio. My mother listened to country music; have you ever heard anything more depressing than a really good Country Music song? D.I.V.O.R.C.E.? I remember asking my mother what a D.I.V.O.R.C.E. was, "These Boots are Made for Walking”, “I’m Stuck in Folsom Prison”, “The Chain Gang”, “Your Cheating Heart”, “I work my fingers to the bone and what do you get? Bony Fingers”. Maybe as an adult you have the necessary filters to assign these songs or programs into the fiction category, but as children we could have been acquired imprints.

Then of course there are the things our parents always said to us… • Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees • What do you think I’m made of Money? • “Eat everything on your plate, there are children starving in Korea” My Dad was on the front lines in Korea. This statement said basically if you have any compassion at all for those poor children who were starving in Korea you would eat everything put in front of you. Even if you are so full at the end of the meal you have to roll away from the table. How much of a parents saying this do you suppose created the overweight society we now have? Always the rebel, for me it may have worked the other way, I always left something on my plate for them. • If you can’t do it right, don’t do anything at all, How much of what should get done doesn’t get done, do you suppose, because of this imprint? Home’s don’t get cleaned because women just don’t have time to do it right any more. We are no longer Homemakers whose only job was to stay home and take care of the house and children. We are now Wives, Cooks, Chauffeurs, Cleaners, etc who have a full time job as well but we were raised by professional homemakers with those old values. Now homes don’t get cleaned because women just don’t have time to do it right? Projects get put off until the last possible minute at work because you don’t have time to “Do it Right” then you scramble to get it done. But it’s not done perfectly and you beat yourself up and your boss isn’t happy. • You may have been imprinted by a harmless nickname, well maybe you received the nickname with harmless intent but after years of being called Stinky, or Clumsy, or Toad etc. it gets old. Maybe when you were a child it was said with love and humor but after owning the nickname for years it became offensive. As a Teenager who wants to be called Stinky? Or Toad? Yet even though you asked people to stop calling you by the now offensive nickname they would not? Because it was habit, because it was how they thought of you. Your subconscious mind might decide you don’t deserve a name; an identity.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a technique to find and clear these imprints? Well I do have some suggestions and really just by becoming aware of the possibility of being imprinted will allow you to explore this concept for Personal Empowerment.

Create a list of some of the statements you recall hearing as a child, make a list of places you may have acquired negative imprints. Dowse to see if you have been imprinted by each statement. Dowse to see if you can remove the statement.

Also, I have been working on a set of Negative Imprint charts over the last 5 years. It now contains 701 possible negative imprints, with techniques for dowsing and clearing imprints. I do however believe that you should begin working on lists that you create, try creating statements that you feel have imprinted you negatively, then dowse to see if the statement you have created is Accurate or Truthful using a percentage chart. Then Reframe the statement into something that will neutralize the Imprint, or use forgiveness techniques or affirmations. I invite you to first work on those imprints that you are somewhat consciously aware of having, then if you find this work beneficial purchase the downloadable PDF Booklet off Mirrorwaters “Dowse This… Take Back Your Power; Clear Your Negative Imprints” and continue your exploration and personal growth.

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For more information on the Booklet "Dowse This... Take Back Your Power; Clear Your Negative Imprints" click here.


"I have dowsed for negative imprint with these charts. The pendulum has helped me identify a subconscious issue that was later worked out in a dream....it has been very precise, I thoroughly recommend this method!"


I have recently had the pleasure of participating in several one on one dowsing sessions with Juanita Ott. During these sessions she searched for thoughts, feeling and emotions that were or have been, un-resourceful to me in some way. She dowsed for Negative Imprints using the Booklet "Dowse This... Take Back Your Power; Clear Your Negative Imprints". Her findings were accurate and relevant to the point of evoking emotional responses with associated awarenesses, with subsequent release and an unusual but welcomed sense of relief.

Especially helpful was Juanita's intuitive insights in facilitating these discoveries that, I now know were submerged and hidden in my subconscious. This exploration was intriguing, when approached with courage and honesty, since I believe that such awareness was a catalyst for clearing deep rooted wounds. The process was somewhat exhausting in a satisfying way, like some heaviness being lifted. We continued from imprint to imprint until the system indicated that we were finished, for now. Much appreciated and thank you Juanita and I am looking forward to another session where I can let go of another burden.

Brian; Alberta, Canada


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