Dowsing Roadside Memorials

Dowsing Roadside Memorials

I saw something yesterday that brought home a worry I have had for some time.

I was driving down the street on the way to the grocery store and I saw someone stopped on the road ahead. There a girl was dropping flowers off at a light standard. There was a huge memorial to a 17 year old girl that was killed when the vehicle that she was driving ran into the light standard on her way home on Saturday night at 12:30 am. Tragic to see a life lost so young. This light pole was covered in flowers and flashing lights and ribbons the whole 9 yards. On my way home from the grocery store a young man in work coveralls and hard hat was stopped and tying flowers to the pole. This memorial did not last long at that site. Quite possibly the family did not want the constant reminder each time they passed of their beloved child.

I have to say I have mixed thoughts about this type of memorial. Folks leave them there for years, a constant reminder to the world that a life was lost at that location. I have had occasion to dowse these locations, in fact I have made it a habit. I find that the energy in the location is dense, the remembrance of the accident strong. Often, I also find the souls of the killed individual. They seem to be drawn to the place? I feel that the memorials keep the negative energy of the accident magnified in those areas. I have dowsed areas of other accidents that do not have a memorial and the energy there is not as strong. Also, in my opinion the thought of each passing motorist that looks at the memorial adds to the thought forms and energy of the place. A sensitive person cannot help but feel the denseness of these places!

I was driving down an unknown highway a few weeks ago. I stopped for some road work and I glanced into the field to my right. There was a roadside memorial, the man's name and birth date clearly written. I didn't have time to get out my pendulum to see what was up because the vehicles started moving again. I continued down the road, and then a thought flashed into my mind. It was the name and birth date of the person from that memorial site. Oh well, that I figured wasn't that odd so I again put it out of mind. A few miles later I get the thought again, and another thought "Don't leave me"? HUH? Okay, well this is now getting my attention so I pulled out my car dowser, and asked if "The person’s name" (which I don't remember anymore) was there? I got a “Yes”. So I asked him if he wanted to go to the light. Again “YES” I asked him if there was anything he had left to do on the earth plane? “NO” I asked questions about why he was drawn to stay in that spot? Not wanting to leave Friends and Family was the biggest reason. I asked him if he would like me to clear the area of the accident of detrimental energies and remembrance. “YES” I then asked Archangel Michael to come and collect the soul of "Name". I asked Archangel Michael to assist in his transition to the light and to give him council if required to help him come to terms with the accident and his time attached to the site being bombarded with the hundreds of thousands of thoughts of passing motorists that saw the memorial each year. I also did what I could to clear the energy of the area of this person’s accident. Still it seems it is hard to keep these areas' clean as the passing of the motorists on the highway continue to notice the memorial and seem to leave thoughts of sadness, curiosity, maybe even visualize an accident that they have seen and wonder if this accident was similar? Who really knows?

I myself would not want a memorial where the energy of all the passing motorists fuels the accident scene with thought forms and sadness. I do understand the people, who are left behind; wanting to honour the passed individual but isn’t this why we have grave sites? These places are created to honour our dead. We place memorials there to honour our loved ones. The side of the road is not in my opinion the best place for a memorial. Maybe it’s just me.

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