Paranormal Investigating and Dowsing

Paranormal Investigating and Dowsing

With the increasing number of paranormal investigation teams cropping up around the world, as well as increased interest in the age-old art of dowsing, we have been asked to create a chart to assist with paranormal investigating. Eighty percent of reported paranormal events can easily be contributed to other natural factors, but the twenty percent of legitimate claims require immaculate documentation.

While we realize that paranormal investigators place high standards on the quality of evidence they gather in order to prove the existence (or non-existence) of paranormal activity or entities (or lack of) in a given location, there are also those who seek to substantiate evidence with dowsed information. From a dowsing standpoint, we who both dowse and perform paranormal investigations have found that the use of dowsing can save time and verify information received through scientific means and vice-versa.

This article is presented to you as a way to utilize the skill of dowsing in order to help make your investigations move more quickly by locating potential paranormal activity in a given location, and as a means of communication or to back up EVP (electronic voice phenomena) evidence where the words are slightly to non-intelligible.

The closest thing to dowsing that we have seen used during investigations is the K-II meter, which is a small, hand-held electronic device that alerts the user to abnormally high electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). It is believed by many investigators that the presence of unidentifiable EMFs (EMFs that are present without an identifiable source, such as house wiring or breaker boxes) can signify paranormal possibilities. The K-II has been used as a source of communication, using Yes/No question and answer sessions; the meter lights up to signify a presumed positive response to a question. Dowsing is, quite simply put, another means to identify these fields without the use of an electronic device. It is our suggestion that until the community at large becomes more comfortable with the use of dowsing as a trusted information-gathering tool, that it be used in conjunction with scientific equipment. The benefits are two-fold: 1) There are two sources with which to identify possible paranormal events; and 2) Dowsing can be authenticated with the co-use of a scientific monitoring unit, such as an EMF reader, K-II, or digital infrared thermometer.

Below is a list of some of the time-saving information that can be obtained by dowsing, which can be substantiated by the use of equipment:

  • Is there paranormal activity in a space under investigation? If yes, continue with the investigation to document temperatures, EMFs, EVPs, etc. If no, and the owners insist the space has activity, the best use of time would be to locate and determine why there are temperature fluctuations (open fireplace flue, poor sealing around windows, drafts under doors, etc.) and other common causes of noises in a home. The use of a bobber or dowsing rods can be useful in finding the natural sources of the drafts.
  • If an entity is identified, what type of entity are you dealing with? Human? Non-human? Take care not to assume that all activity in a home is negative. Yes, the owners are probably uncomfortable when they feel strange in a particular room, hear noises, see objects fly across a room, or even be touched. Such phenomena are not necessarily “evil” by intent, and dowsing can help to define the intent. By continued use of dowsing alongside scientific studies, it will be easier to take information gained by dowsing as serious answers.
  • Where is the highest concentration of electromagnetic energy? Again, the use of a bobber to guide investigators in the general direction to get started, with the use of am EMF meter to substantiate the information will move things along more quickly.
  • If an entity has been identified via EVP or photographic evidence, a two-way conversation is now possible with the use of a dowsing chart (ABC) and the K-II for verification.
  • Dowsing can be used to locate the area of land from where activity originates, for instance on Native American land.

    A chart has been designed to be used as a tool to help identify possible areas of concern, and is meant to be used in conjunction with scientific equipment. Our goal here at is to both document paranormal activity in a location, as well as bring credence to the fact that dowsing can also be used and considered a scientific means of evidence gathering.

    Happy Hunting!

    Your Mirrorwaters Team

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